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Sea Life Blackpool Machine Locations > England

LANCASHIRE - Blackpool, England, FY1 5AA

Phone: 01253 621258


Located on Blackpool’s Golden Mile between Central Pier and Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Sea Life Centre is one of the UK’s most popular marine life aquariums and is also one of the most fascinating and educational underwater adventures.
The Sea Life Centre houses Europe’s most comprehensive collection of tropical sharks and more than fifty displays of over 1,000 of the finest marine and freshwater creatures including rays, piranhas and much more!
The incredible 180 degree walkthrough underwater tunnel will allow you to explore the undersea world and observe sharks gliding effortlessly above you – a great way to get up close to the sharks!

The Sea Life Centre has 1 Pennymangle machine. This is located in between the Kingdom of the Seahorse and Stingray Adventure.

Machine 4 details - Designs cost one pound plus the penny.
1) Fish (Text: Sea Life Blackpool)
2) Octopus (Text: Sea Life Blackpool)
3) Shark (Text: Sea Life Blackpool)
4) Starfish (Text: Sea Life Blackpool)

Token machine 1:

[Collector's Tip] As with all Pennymangle machines a better result is obtained by having the Queen's head against the die. The portcullis on the reverse side can leave a slight witness on the rolled penny.

Retired 1: The single die electric machine had 1 Penny Design: 1) Shark Sea Life Logo (Text: Blackpool Sea Life)
Retired 2: 1) Nemo Fish (Text: Sea Life Blackpool), 2) Rocky the Lobster (Text: Sea Life Blackpool), 3) Pirate (Text: Sea Life Blackpool), 4) Spiky Fish (Text: SeaLife Blackpool)
Retired 3: 1) Shark Sea Life Logo, 2) Seahorse (Text: Sea Life), 3) I Love You (Heart), 4) My Lucky Penny (Horse Shoe & 4 Leave Clover)

Machine details updated David Miller,

April 2018: machine now situated by entrance to Turtle section. Also a token machine alongside but it has the same tokens as other Sealife token machines. WK

Machine 4

Token machine 1

Retired 3 Penny Souvenir Machine

Retired 2 Pennymangle machine