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Weston Park Museum Machine Locations > England

Western Bank
SOUTH YORKSHIRE - Sheffield, England, S10 2TP.


Weston Park Museum, one mile west of the centre of Sheffield, England, lies beside Weston Park and surrounded by the University of Sheffield. It opened in 1875, and housed Sheffield's archaeology, natural history, decorative art and social history collections.
There are seven galleries: the Harold Cantor Gallery, Sheffield Life and Times, History Lab, Arctic World, What on Earth!, Treasures and About Art. The Harold Cantor Gallery houses temporary exhibitions, which can change up to four times a year. There is also a weather station monitoring area in the foyer.

This machine is located along the main corridor when you first enter the museum, after the corridor goes around a right turn.

Local artist, Katya Robin has redesigned the pennies here and at the Millennium Gallery

Machine 2: All designs say "Museums Sheffield" on them, each penny costs £1 and it has 4 designs:
1. Trees
2. Insect
3. Sheffield View
4. Treasure Chest

Retired 1 designs were:

1. Snowy Polar Bear
2. Weston Park Museum
3. Egyptian Mummy, Museums Sheffield
4. Woolly Rhino, Museums Sheffield

Machine details updated David Miller,

Machine 2

Retired 1