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Millennium Gallery Machine Locations > England

Arundel Gate, Sheffield
SOUTH YORKSHIRE - Sheffield, England, S1 2PP

Phone: 0114 278 2600


The Millennium Gallery is an art gallery and museum in the centre of Sheffield, England. Opened in April 2001 as part of Sheffield's Heart of the City project, it is located in the city centre close to the mainline station, the Central Library and Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, and Sheffield Theatres. Designed by architects Pringle Richards Sharratt, the building is primarily made from concrete and glass, with a series of galleries extending from a central avenue, which connects Arundel Gate with Sheffield Winter Garden. In 2011, the gallery was listed as the 15th most-visited free attraction in the country by Visit England. It is managed by Museums Sheffield.

The gallery has two permanent collections, two temporary exhibition spaces, space for corporate events and weddings, and a cafe and shop.

Local artist, Katya Robin has redesigned the pennies here and at the Weston Park Museum

This machine is partnered with the one at Weston Park Museum, as both are part of the Museums of Sheffield collaboration.

Inside the gift shop (at the end of the gallery that connects to the Winter Gardens) is a penny press with 4 designs.

Machine 2 designs are: They all say Museums Sheffield' on them. Each penny costs £1.

1. 1p (Penny)
2. Fossil (Fossils & Minerals)
3. Snooker stick and ball
4. Nut (Metalwork)

Retired Designs, all say 'Museum's Sheffield', were: 1. I (hearts) Sheffield, 2. Cutlery Monster, 3. Graves Gallery, 4. Turtle Tureen

October 2016 - Machine details updated by David Miller and - I.T. Hope.

Machine 2 (2016)

Retired 1