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Highland Wildlife Park Machine Locations > Scotland

Kingussie, Scotland, ph211nl

Phone: 01540651270


The Highland Wildlife Park is a 260 Acre Safari Park and Zoo near Kingussie, Highland, Scotland. The park is located within the Cairngorms National Park. Visitors experience Scottish wildlife past and present in the setting of the Scottish Highlands. On show are a variety of animals found in present day Scotland, animals that were once present, hundreds, even thousands of years ago, and mountainous regions all over the globe. Visitors drive around the Main Reserve in their cars and then move on to a walk-round area.
The enclosure that is home to a pack of Grey Wolf and offers extensive areas for them to inhabit and views of the Cairngorms where wild wolves would have roamed until as recently as the 18th century.

There are now just 2 machines. The machines outside the Gift shop and the walk way to see the Polar Bears have now been taken off site and retired. Newest machines at the Wolverine section and Tiger Enclosure.
You need 1p and a £1 pound coin for each design

Machine 3 Tiger Enclosure
1) Deer Head
2) Wolf paw print
3) Owl
4) Wolf head

Machine 4 Wolverine Enclosure
1) Polar Bear
2) Tiger paw print
3) Polar Bear print
4) Tiger Head

Retired 1: 1) Polar Bear, 2) Tiger, 3) Stag, 4) The Sign at the Park,
Retired 2: 1) Camel, 2) Wild Cat, 3) Bob Cat, 4) Bears.

Update = THERE ARE NO MACHINES from my visit on 12th Jan 2019. Machine 3 which was moved to its new site outside the back door of the restaurant overlooking the monkeys had suffered extensive damage on the 9th of Jan 2019 due to high winds smashing the machine on to the patio and was removed along with machine 4 which had been in good working order. There is no word of when or if they will return or any new replacement machines after speaking to the manager on the day of my visit. Marking as out of order and not retired/gone till i visit again and confirm either permanently retired or returned once fixed. S Shand.

Machine 3 Wolverine enclosure

Machine 4 Tiger enclosure

Retired 1

Retired 2