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Carroll's Gift Store Machine Locations > Ireland

Westmoreland Street,
Dublin, Ireland

Phone: 353 1 677 5088


Carrolls Irish gift stores are very popular for tourists in Dublin, they sell all manner of clothing and souvenir gift merchandise, including Guinness memorabilia.
There is a machine here from ThePennyPress just on the left as you enter the stores. These machines are very efficient, but produce a simple design.

Machine 2: (2017) Each penny needs €1 and a 5cent piece. Designs are:
1) Lucky Irish Penny with Leprechaun,
2) Lucky Irish Penny with Claddagh and the word Love in the middle,
3) Lucky Irish Penny with the Spire,
4) A clover outline

Retired 1: All pennies have Lucky Irish Penny Dublin Ireland in a dotted border.
Designs were: 1) Jaunty Irishman smoking pipe, 2) Clover leaf, 3) Ireland map outline, 4) Joined hands holding heart and crown

Machine details updated David Miller,,

*** 5/23/17 This machine is no longer the same as the other, this machine still has some that are the same but others slightly different. It is in Carrolls Gift Store on Talbot St, Near the spire 1- lucky Irish Penny with Leprechaun 2- Lucky Irish Penny with Claddagh and the word Love in the middle 3- Lucky Irish Penny with the Spire 4- A clover outline

Machine 2 - 2017

Retired 1