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Titanic's Dock and Pump-House, Northern Ireland Science Park Machine Locations > Northern Ireland

Queen's Road, Queen's Island,
COUNTY ANTRIM - Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT3 9DT

Phone: (028) 9073 7813


March 22nd 2017 The machine has been removed. Much alteration is going on to the Pump House exhibit. DM

Based in the new Science Park area of Belfast docks, very close to the new Titanic museum, ThePennyPress machine is in the cafe area of the venue. The new museum will be open next year on the centennial anniversary of the ship's launch. Outside is the dry dock where the Titanic was built.

Each penny costs £1, Machine details:
1) ... Bow of the Titanic, [Titanic'c Dock and pump house text]...
2) ... Titanic, [Titanic, built in Belfast] ...
3) ... Titanic prow overlooking pump house, [Titanic'c Dock and pump house text] ...
4) ... Clover leaf, [Titanic, built in Belfast] ...

Machine details uploaded, David Miller.

Retired Machine