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M&D's - Scotlands Theme Park - Amazonia Rainforest Machine Locations > Scotland

Strathclyde Country Park,
Motherwell, , Scotland, ML1 3RT

Phone: 01698 333 777


The Amazonia rain forest is Scotlands only indoor rainforest, it is located within M&D's theme park, walk through the family bar to get to it. It is in the gift shop and doesn't require you to pay to use it. They even supply the pennies for you to use, but are just random ones, so take your own.
The machine has been there a few years, it is a PennyPressmachineCo machine from Rocky Rockolt. I don't think the designs are just as good as l have seen from him, but they are printed double sided and roll well.
The Theme Park is within Strathclyde Country Park , you approach this off the M74 motorway.

Penny books are also available at £3.99.

Design Details. Each design has a dotted border and text...Scotland's Theme Park. Home of... Discover Amazonia...Scotland's only Tropical Indoor Rainforest packed full of exotic animals....[on the reverse]
1) ... Butterfly
2) ... Scorpion
3) ... Frog
4) ... Snake

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1