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Riverside Transport Museum Machine Locations > Scotland

100 Pointhouse Place,
Glasgow, Scotland, G3 8RS

Phone: 0141 287 2720


The Glasgow Museum of Transport has been moved into a purpose built building on the Clyde Riverside. Follow brown signs for the SECC and Riverside Museum and yellow Tall Ship signs.
The total cost of the move has been quoted at £74 million, the results are certainly impressive.

There are 3 machines from UK Penny Press, theses are actually machines from PennyPressFactory. The pennies from these machines have the distinctive ring border, each cost £1, which appears to be the norm now.
Machine 1 is in the gift shop. machine 2 next to the toilets, adjacent to the wall of motor bikes. Machine 3 is toward the rear of the ground floor near the South African engine. (exit to the Glen Lee Tall Ship)

Design details.

Machine 1
1) ...Montana Pram ...
2) ...Penny farthing cycle ...
3) ...Harley Davidson motorbike 1929

Machine 2
1) ... Riverside Logo ...
2) ... Locomotive 007 ...
3) ... Albion Venturer Bus ...
4) ... Cunarder Tram ...

Machine 3
1) ...Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo, 1988 ...
2) ...Raleigh Chopper cycle ...
3) ...Outline img of museum, Zaha Hadid design ...
4) ...HMS Queen Mary ...

Machine details uoloaded, David miller,

Retired from Machine 1: Riverside logo

June 2017 - all machines pressing well, however, Riverside logo in machine 1 marked out of use. WK

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired from Machine 1