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Coventry Transport Museum Machine Locations > England

Millennium Place, Hales Street
WEST MIDLANDS - Coventry, England, CV1 1PN

Phone: 024 7623 4270


Coventry Transport Museum is a motor museum, houses a collection of British-made road transport. It is located in Coventry because the city was previously the center of the British car industry.

The Museum now hosts three machines. The two previously retired single die machines are back on stage next to each other in the 'Toy' section of the museum. Each is a £1 to roll. Both machines are electric.

Machine 1 - Toy Area - (Dotted Border) Design is:
1) 'Museum of British Transport' - Thrust 2

Machine 2 - Toy Area - (Dotted Border). Design is:
1) 'Coventry Transport Museum' - 763 mph Thrust SSC

Machine 3 - A PPF MKIV machine - Speed Area (All solid border)
1) Coventry Transport Museum - Jaguar Car
2) Coventry Transport Museum - Penny Farthing Bicycle
3) Coventry Transport Museum - 763 mph Thrust SSC
4) Thrust SSC Coventry

I.T. Hope with thanks to David Miller

3/24/17: 17. Machine 3 now back working. WK

Machine 1 - Toy Section

Machine 2 - Toy Section

Machine 3 - Speed Section