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Hunstanton Sea Life Centre Machine Locations > England

Southern Promenade
NORFOLK - Hunstanton, England, PE36 5BH

Phone: 01485 533576


At the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk you will see Otters, Penguins and more than 30 permanent displays all showcasing the rich diversity of life under the waves. We also provide a safe haven for more than 30 sick, injured or orphaned seal pups which are annually cared for at the Sanctuary.

The original design (Machine 1 - 2005), now Retired, was a shark swimming into Hunstanton SEALIFE Centre text within a dotted border. and A new die was struck in 2008 (Machine 2), now Retired, when the centre became a seal sanctuary. The new design was a Seal and Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in text within a dotted border.

A Pennymangle machine here with All pennies have a dotted border and the text " SEALIFE, Hunstanton ". Each penny costs £1 to roll. The machine is in the gift shop.
Gift Shop Machine. 1) Crab
2) Seahorse
3) Seal with head poking out of the sea
4) Turtle.

Retired Machine The designs were:
1) Sea Sanctuary Logo
2) Otter
3) Seal with head poking out of the sea
4) Seal lying on the beach.

[Collector's Tip] As with all Pennymangle machines it is better if you insert the penny with the head against the design. Otherwise a trace of portcullis may be visible.

Updated D. Miller,

Machine 3 - Gift Shop

Retired 2

Retired 1 (2005) & 2 (2008)