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Oxford Tourist Information Centre Machine Locations > England

15-16 Broad Street,
OXFORDSHIRE - Oxford, England, OX1 3AS

Phone: 01865 252200


Oxford is situated 60 miles to the west of London, it is famous for it's university, Inspector Morse and now a Pennymangle machine in the Oxford tourist information office.

The machine has 4 designs and it requires £1 and a penny form each. Design details:
1) ... Gargoyle image, City of Gargoyles - Oxford in text. ...
2) ... Oxford City emblem, Oxford in Text ...
3) ... Mad hatter image, The Home of Alice in Wonderland - Oxford in text ...
4) ... The Radcliffe Camera building, The Radcliffe Camera - Oxford in text ...

[Collector's Tip] With all Pennymangle machines it is better if you put the head in contact with the die as some trace of the shield could show on the design after rolling.

The next nearest penny machine is located at Oxford Castle

Machine details up loaded by David Miller,

08/18/18 - The machine is here, at the very end on the left. (Anthony L #mypressedpennycollection)

Machine 1