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Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience Machine Locations > England

64-66 Tooley Street,
LONDON - London Bridge, England, SE1 2TF

Phone: 020 7403 3171


3/15/13: This wartime exhibit has closed due to the modernisation of London Bridge Station. It is their intention to relocate. Keep looking at their website for future details.

The Second World War was the most turbulent and eventful period in the history of the 20th century.

It affected the lives of millions of people all over the world, advanced technology and changed political boundaries and ideas of human behaviour. But what was it really like?
How did it really feel to be a British citizen during the Second World War? What did people eat and wear? Winston Churchill's Britain at War Theme Museum can answer these questions and many more.

A single die Eurolink machine is located in the small gift shop at the end of the experience. It is accessible from the exit without paying. Each penny only costs 50p.
Penny details: The design is all in text within a dotted border. Winston Churchill's BRITAIN at WAR Experience. Tooley Bridge, London Bridge.

Machines at London Bridge Experience and London Dungeons nearby.

Machine found by David miller, re

Retired Design