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National Waterfront Museum Machine Locations > Wales

Oystermouth Road Maritime Quarter
SOUTH WALES - Swansea, Wales, SA1 3RD

Phone: 01792 638 950


The National Waterfront Museum at Swansea tells the story of industry and innovation in Wales, now and over the last 300 years.
Our vast industrial and maritime heritage is ready to explore via cutting-edge, interactive technology married with traditional displays. It means a unique, captivating and involved visitor experience lies in wait at Wales’s newest national museum.
Open in 2005, The National Waterfront Museum puts you in charge of the experience, allowing you to delve as deeply into the exhibitions, displays and information as you want. Visit us and lose yourself in the rich and enthralling history of Welsh industry and innovation, where the technology of today puts the past at your fingertips.

Machine 2: 2017

Retired 1 designs were: 1) Welsh emblem, [Wales, Cymru in text, 2) Landau image, [Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Y Glannau in text, 3) Schooner image [National Waterfron Museum in text, 4) Locomotive image [Penydarren Locomotive in text]

Machine detail updated David Miller,

March 2017, new machine from Souvenir Pennies, designs will be uploaded as soon as possible

Machine 2

Retired 1