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Techniquest Glyndwr, Science Discovery Museum Machine Locations > Wales

Mold Road, Glyndwr University Campus,
NORTH WALES - Wrexham , Wales, LL11 2AW

Phone: 01978 293 400


4/12/13: This machine has been removed. The machine at the Science Discovery centre in Cardiff is still there.

The 4 die The Penny Press machine was in the reception area to the science centre.

Each penny had a dotted border, with 'Techniquest, Glyndwr' in text. Uncommonly with multi die machines, The Penny Press costs 50p to roll each penny. Designs are:

1) h) ...Welsh Dragon ...
2) v) ...Diver ...
3) v) ...Astronomer ...
4) h) ...MLP ...

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Retired Machine