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National Museum of Wales Machine Locations > Wales

Cathays Park
SOUTH WALES - Cardiff , Wales, CF10 3NP

Phone: 029 2057 3339


You can find the museum next to the City hall in the centre of the City. Free to enter.

Machine 1:
1) 'My Lucky Penny'
2) 'Tyrannosaurus'
3) 'Wales Cymru', Building
4) 'Wales Cymru', Stylized Lion

Machine 2:
1) Leek Wales Cymru
2) Daffodil Wales Cymru
3) Sheep Wales Cymru
4) I Love Cardiff

Machine 3 is from Souvenir Pennies. Designs are:
1) Fossil,
2) Mammoth,
3) Museum Building,
4) Dragon.

Machine 4 is from Souvenir Pennies. Designs are:
1) Dinosaur portrait,
2) Exhibit 1,
3) Exhibit 2,
4) Whale Skull.

6/23/17: Details updated Andy T,

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3 - 2017

Machine 4 - 2017