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S S Great Britain Machine Locations > England

Great Western Dockyward
AVON - Bristol, England, BS1 6TY

Phone: 0117 926 0680


Brunel's SS Great Britain is one of the most important historic ships in the world. When she was launched in 1843 she was called 'the greatest experiment since the Creation'.
By combining size, power and innovative technology, Brunel created a ship that changed history. His vision for the SS Great Britain made her the great-great-grandmother for all modern ships.

Ticket Prices: Adult £14, Child (4 year olds and under) FREE, Child (5 - 17 year olds) £8, Student £11 (valid student identification is required), Senior (aged 60 and over) £13.
Companion or assistant FREE (accompanying a paying visitor who is disabled)

Tickets to Brunel's SS Great Britain include free unlimited return visits for a year

The Penny Press machine is located in the gift shop to the far right as you enter. It's just before the door leading to the ship. Each penny costs £1 to roll. Designs are:
1) 'I. K. Brunel', himself,
2) 'Brunel's S.S. Great Britain', [Front],
3) Crest,
4) 'Bristol, S.S. Great Britain', ship

Retired 1: Gold color 1) I. K. Brunel, himself, 2) S.S. Great Britain [Front], 3) Crest, 4) S.S. Great Britain.

11/01/17: ????

Machine 2 - 2017

Retired 1