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EUREKA! The National Children's Museum Machine Locations > England

Discovery Road
WEST YORKSHIRE - Halifax, England, HX1 2NE

Phone: 01422 330069


There is a new 4 die GEM machine fromSouvenir Pennies situated in the Children's Museum. It is imaginatively situated in a Police telephone box.

The machine has the pennies in a hopper so the only cost is £1 per penny.Each penny has a ring border and Eureka in text

Machine 2, Design details:
1) ... Archimedes in his bath,
2) ... Eureka Logo
3) ... Zoom the Robot
4) ... Orby the Alien

Retired Machine

Retired 1, Each penny has a dotted border and the website Each penny costs £1 to roll.
Designs were: 1) (H) Child playing (Dunces Cap?), 2) (H) Robot, 3) h) Martian, 4) (H) EUREKA in text

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

5/18/15: On the flipside, I have been helped immensely in the last two weeks getting pennies from them through the post. DM

End Of Exhibit In a Huge Tarids

Retired 1