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Fusilier Museum London Machine Locations > England

HM Tower of London
LONDON - Tower Hill, England, EC3N 4AB

Phone: 0203 166 6912


Each of the four former Regiments of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers has its own museum. That of the Royal Fusiliers is situated in HM Tower of London.
The Royal Fusilier Museum was opened in 1962. Now, nearly 50 years later, it is has been refurbished, redesigned and brought up to a standard worthy of its place in the Tower of London. The Fusilier Museum is located inside the Tower of London and therefore cannot be reached without paying the admission charges.

The machine is located just inside the museum entrance. There is another Pennymangle machine located at the White gift shop.

Four designs available from a "Pennymangle" machine. Each penny has a solid ring border. Each cost £1 on a penny that you supply:

Designs are:
1. (V) A Fusilier with 'Royal Regiment of Fusiliers HM Tower of London'.
2. (V) Service cross with 'The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers awarded to 55 Fusiliers'.
3. (V) City of London blazer badge with 'The Fusilier Museum HM Tower of London'.
4. (V) Lancashire red rose with 'Royal Fusiliers HM Tower of London'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude, Longitude: 51.508255,-0.075282

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

OCT 2017 - Machine rolling well. MLP

Machine 2 - Inside the entrance

At the exit