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Winchester Great Hall Machine Locations > England

Castle Avenue
HAMPSHIRE - Winchester, England, SO23 8PJ

Phone: 01962 846476


The first and finest of all 13th century halls, with the greatest symbol of medieval mythology, King Arthur's Round Table.
Winchester Castle dates from the reign of William the Conqueror (1066-1087). By the end of King John's reign in 1216 the castle and its royal palace needed extending nsive repair. Between 1222 and 1235 the Castle's hall was replaced by the building which stands today.
With its Purbeck stone columns and pointed arches, it had all the best features of Early English Gothic architecture. Plastered and decorated walls emphasised its lightness, elegance and grace. The finest and most brilliant colours were used.
The Hall was the heart of the Castle. When in residence the King dined here, discussed affairs of State with his barons and clergy and sat in court to administer justice.

There is a 4 die Penny Press machine in the passageway inbetween the gift shop and The Great Hall itself

4 die Penny Press machine, with wooden base and perspex top, each penny has a ring border and The Great Hall, Winchester in text. Each penny costs £1 to roll.
1) (h) ...King John ...
2) (v) ...The Great Hall ...
3) (v) ...Bird on a ball (Statue in Queen Eleanor's Garden ...
4) (h) ...King Arthur's Table symbol ...

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Update 14th Sept 2018 - all rolled fine but King John design didn't roll correctly when I speed rolled the coins. Rolled a second time dropping the penny while arrow at the top of the design image instead of the middle and it rolled perfectly

Machine 1