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Wallace & Gromit in Space @ Spaceport Machine Locations > England

Victoria Place,
MERSEYSIDE - Seacombe Ferry Terminal, England, CH44 6QY

Phone: 0151 330 1333


There is a 4 die Penny Souvenir machine in the cafe area in the entrance to Spaceport, next to Seacombe Ferry Terminal.

Each penny has a dotted border. Each penny costs £1 to roll.

1) (h) ...Sixty Seconds from blast off and W&G image ...
2) (v) ...W&G in space rocket outline ...
3) (v) ...W&G .. Genuine W&G in text ...
4) (v) ...Wallace and Gromit in Space ...

Machine details uploaded by David Miller, Machine not in place when I visited 18th Aug 2013

Machine 1