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Snibston Discovery Centre Machine Locations > England

Ashby Road,
LEICESTERSHIRE - Coalville, England, LE67 3LN

Phone: 01530 278444


Sept 2015 This venue is now permanently closed - I.T.Hope.

As the region's largest interactive museum, Snibston showcases Leicestershire's science, technology and design collections, including major innovations in transport and engineering history.
Located on the site of the former Snibston Colliery, created by famous railway pioneer George Stephenson, the surviving colliery buildings are rare and nationally important.
Take a fascinating journey around Snibston where you can discover 500 years of technological innovation and its impact on our everyday lives. From the earliest mining tools, proto-type jet engine to the largest fashion display outside London, there is plenty to explore at this must see museum!

Retired design details:
1) (h) ... Pit winding wheel...
2) (v) ... Davy lamp...
3) (v) ... Skeleton on a bike...(his name is Henry) ...
4) (v) ... Women's basket ... (fashion gallery on site) ...

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1