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Museum of Museums - Tutankhamun Exhibition Machine Locations > England

Trafford Centre Phoenix Way
LANCASHIRE - Manchester, England, M41 7TB

Phone: 0844478 0898


5/06/11: ***This exhibition is Retired/ Moved to an unknown location!***

The Tutankhamun Exhibition is housed in the large white building opposite Barton Square in the Trafford centre (Legoland Discovery Centre). There is a 4 die machine from MAECRI of Italy in the foyer of the exhibition. (Take the second door, the machine is on the right)

Designs: Each coin has Tutankhamun in a dotted border. Each penny costs £1,
1) (v) ... Tutankhamun, Boy King mask ...
2) (h) ... Pyramids ...
3) (h) ... Dog with gold collar ...
4) (v) ... Nefertiti ...

Details provided by David Miller,

Machine 1