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Living Coasts Zoo & Aquarium Machine Locations > England

Beacon Quay
DEVON - Torquay, England, TQ1 2BG

Phone: 01803 202 470


Living Coasts Zoo & Aquarium is located on Torquay seafront in South Devon, where there’s plenty to see and do: mingle with the playful penguins, get up close to the otters, octopus and seals, and much more. Visit Penguin Beach to walk with the African and macaroni penguins and catch our entertaining feeding time talks.
Below the decks the fun doesn't stop. With more fascinating habitats and creatures, there are games, activities and panoramic underwater viewing areas for our stunning species.

Each penny has a dotted border, 'Living Coasts' in text and cost £1.

Machine 2 designs are:
1) Penguin,
2) Seal,
3) Otter,
4) Bird.

Retired 1 designs were: 1) Diving Penguin, 2) Seal, 3) Hermit Crab, 4) Dolphin.

June - 2017 There is now a second machine here with the following designs:
1- Penguin, 2- Seal, 3- Otter, 4- Bird

Details updated by Andy T, 27.07.2017 Machine 1 is no longer there. Tony McWilliams

Machine 2 (2017)

Retired 1