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Paradise Park, Hayle Machine Locations > England

Trelissick Road
CORNWALL - Hayle, England, TR27 4HB

Phone: 01736 751 020


Paradise Park was established in Hayle, Cornwall in 1973 as a tropical bird garden, and since then Otters, Red Pandas, native Red Squirrels and the rare Cornish Chough can all be seen here.
Our 'Fun Farm' is a favourite with children, and daily events bring visitors closer to the wildlife.
The Park is set around a Victorian walled garden, and features tropical plants which thrive in Cornwall's mild climate.

There is a four die Penny Press machine in the cafe area. There is no need to pay Park admission.

Each penny has a dotted border and Paradise Park Cornwall. Each penny costs £1. The designs are:
1) Parrot
2) Penguin
3) Cornish Chough flying over outline of Cornwall.
4) Otter

May 2016 - Machine working well, very helpful staff. I.T. Hope.

Machine 1