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Paignton Zoo Environmental Park Machine Locations > England

A3022 Totnes Road
DEVON - Paignton, England, TQ4 7EU

Phone: 0844 474 2222


Paignton Zoo is home to thousands of amazing animals and plants. Visit the desert, cross the savannah, explore the forest and trek through the tropics. Use your senses to discover the wild world: look around, listen out - you’ll even need your sense of smell!

There are two four die Penny Press machines in the foyer/entrance to the Zoo and one in the giraffe house

The designs are:
1) Zoo Logo
2) Meerkat
3) Giraffe
4) Pacing Tiger

Machine 2:
1) Swinging Ape
2) Elephant
3) Train
4) Alligator or Croc

Each penny has a dotted border, Paignton Zoo in text and cost £1.

Machine detail updated by David Miller,

Machine 1 Entrance

Machine 2 Giraffe House