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Norwich Castle Machine Locations > England

Castle Meadow Norwich
NORFOLK - Norwich, England, NR1 3JU

Phone: 01603 ?493625


There is a Pennymangle machine located gift shop, there is no entrance fee payable to reach the machine.

Each penny costs £1, the design are:

1) (v) .. a standing bear (Once paid as part of a dowry to King Edward the Confessor) ...
2) (h) .. A decorated teapot (Europe's largest collection of ceramic teapots) ..
3) (h) .. Norwich Castle image ..
4) (v) .. Boudica image (Boudica gallery within the Castle) ..

[Collector's Tip] With all Pennymangle machines it is better for the Queen's head to be in contact with the die, a trace of the portcullis could show otherwise. Such are the designs.

Details: David Miller,

8/19/18: I went to the castle today and rolled one of each of the cour designs. The first design I rolled was fine, but the other three ar bent. Not sure why this was

Machine 1