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Yorkshire Wildlife Park Machine Locations > England

Brockholes Lane, Branton
SOUTH YORKSHIRE - Doncaster, England, DN4 6TB

Phone: 01302 535057


The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the first Zoo/Wildlife park to be set up successfully in the UK in 40 years. It opened it's doors to the public on April 4th 2009. It is based on the site of the old petting zoo and visitors centre, Brockholes Farm, based just outside Doncaster, South Yorkshire. This is also a fun day out, with a wide variety of animals.

The machine is in the fast food area within the park, just after the turnstiles.

This is a Penny Press machine, it requires £1 per penny.

New machine, the designs have a solid ring border and Yorkshire Wildlife Park in text.
1) ... Tiger
2) ... Wallaby
3) ... Polar Bear
4) ... Giraffe

Retired pennies had a dotted border and Yorkshire Wildlife Park in text. The designs were:

(h)...Ring Tailed Lemur
(v)...Standing Meerkat

Details updated by David Miller

January 3rd. 2017, new machine

1/08/16: Art scan added. GSY

Machine 2

Retired 1