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Edinburgh Zoo Machine Locations > Scotland

134 Corstorphine Rd
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH12 6TS

Phone: 0131-334-9171


Edinburgh Zoo, formally the Scottish National Zoological Park, is a non-profit Zoological Park located in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. The land lies on the Corstorphine Hill, from which it provides extensive views of the city. Built in 1913, and owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, It is Scotland's second most popular paid-for tourist attraction, after Edinburgh Castle. As well as catering to tourists and locals, the Zoo is involved in many scientific pursuits, such as captive breeding of endangered animals, researching into animal behaviour, and active participation in various conservation programs around the world.
Edinburgh Zoo is the only Zoo in Britain to house Koalas, as well as being the first Zoo in the world to house and to breed Penguins, in particular, King Penguins. The Zoo Gardens boast one of the most diverse tree collections in the Lothians.

Edinburgh Zoo has had a vastly revamped entrance / gift shop recently, as a result there are three new machines. The first new machine is by the outside of the gift shop and the second new machine is in the Budongo building. The third machine in at the Panda Enclosure.

Each design Requires a £1 coin plus penny.

Machine 2: Gift Shop.
1) Snarling Animal
2) Flamingo
3) Koala Bear
4) Rhinoceros

Machine 3: Budongo building
1) King Penguin
2) Swinging Ape
3) Resting Lion
4) Generic Scottish MLP

Machine 4: Panda Enclosure
1) Generic Scottish My Lucky Penny
2) Edinburgh Zoo Logo with Panda Face
3) Edinburgh Zoo with Single Panda
4) Edinburgh Zoo with Two Pandas

Retired 1: Designs 1) My Lucky Penny 2) I've Been To Edinburgh Zoo with a Gorilla 3) I've Been To Edinburgh Zoo with a Lion 4) I've Been To Edinburgh Zoo with a Penguin

Details updated D Miller,

Oct 2015 - Machine updates - I.T. Hope thanks to

Machine 2 - Gift Shop

Machine 3 - Budongo building

Machine 4 - Pandas

Retired 1