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Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy Market Machine Locations > Massachusetts

Quincy Market
Boston, MA


Quincy Market is the gray stone building in the center of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The machines are within the glass enclosures with the push carts on either side of the rotunda, just outside of the rotunda itself.

Machine 3 is on the north side, downstairs from where you can eat, to the left of the restrooms that lead downstairs.
Machine 4 is on the south side of the rotunda, near the Comedy Connection and the opposite entrance to the restrooms.
Machine 6 - on the top floor (eating area)

Machine 3 designs:
1) The Massachuetts State House (not the Quincy Market building or Christian Science Church as originally noted);
2) Red Sox logo;
3) Faneuil Hall Marketplace logo;
4) David Ortiz baseball player.

Machine 4 designs:
1) John F Kennedy, "John F. Kennedy, 35th President",
2) Faneuil Hall, "Boston, Mass, Faneuil Hall",
3) Minuteman statue, "New England Patriots",
4) Paul Revere on horseback, "The British Are Coming"

Machines 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 are retired.

Retired 1: 1) Quincy Market, 2) Lucky Penny, 3) USS Constitution, and 4) Minuteman. Note, the lucky penny die replaced a Fenway Park die.
Retired 2:1) Paul Revere, 2) Faneuil Hall, 3) Zakim Bridge; and 4) Lucky Penny. Note, the lucky penny die replaced a Fenway Park die.
Retired 5: 1) Minute Man, 2) Old Ironsides, 3) Ouincy Market, 4) Fenway Park
Retired 6: 1) 'Battle of Bunker Hill', Soldier, 2) 'Little Brewster island', Lighthouse, 3) 'Massachusetts, The Bay State', Image of State, 4) 'World Champions Boston Red Sox', Logo and trophies.
Retired 7: 1) Boston Skyline, 2) Boston Common, 3) Historic Beacon Hill, Boston, 4) Boston's Best, Boston Baked beans,

6/16 Exotic Garden section is demolished and the person at the Faneuil Hall information center said that Machine 7 has been gone for years.

4/28/19 Machine 6 was removed (only the two machines downstairs are left)

Machine 3 -- North Side of Rotunda

Machine 4 - South Side of Rotunda, near Comedy Connection

Retired 6

Retired 7

Retired 2

Retired 5

Retired 1