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Tower of London, Raven Gift Shop Machine Locations > England

Tower Hill
LONDON - Tower Hill, England, EC3N 4AB

Phone: 0844 482 7777


There is a new style Pennymangle machine located in the Raven gift shop.

Machine 1 Designs, All pennies cost £1. All vertical with a single ring border and text, Tower of London.
1) Yeoman Guard.
2) Raven.
3) The Tower.
4) Royal Crown.

[ Collector's tip ] With all Pennymangle machines, you should try and roll with the Queen's head to the design side, some trace of the 'tails' could show in the pennies with a 3D design if not.

June 2016 - Details updated I.T. Hope.

OCT 2017 - Machine rolling well. MLP

Machine 1 - Raven Gift Shop

Token machine 1 - On second floor