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Manchester Airport Viewing Port Machine Locations > England

Louis Paulham Way off Wilmslow Old Rd,
LANCASHIRE - Manchester, England, WA15 8XQ

Phone: 0161 489 8526


This is a 4 die machine here from The Penny Press. Typically with this type of machine, the designs are not that detailed.
Not wanting to be critical, but for your £1 per roll you should get an image that was a bit better than a feint outline. On the plus side, the machine was fairly new at 6 months old and was rolling really well.

1) Concorde, text: Concorde 1969-2003
2) Pic is a BAE 146 and text:RJX BAE 146
3) Trident img, text: De havilland Trident3
4) Airbus img, text: Airbus 380.

Updated: D Miller, UKPennies

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