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Banham Zoo Machine Locations > England

The Grove
NORFOLK - Norwich, England, NR16 2HE

Phone: 01953 887 771


Machine 1 Designs: All pennies have a simple dotted border and the web address It is one of the distinctive wooden cabinet versions.
1) h. Banham Zoo logo
2) h Siberian Tiger, image with text
3) h. Black footed Penguin, image with text
4) v. Giraffe, image with text.

Each penny costs £1 to roll.

Updated - D Miller, UKPennies

20TH OCTOBER 2018 - Machine in fully working order, outside the zoo gift shop (near the exit). It's an old, stiff machine, in a lovely wooden casing. All 4 designs listed for Machine 1 are still the available designs. I asked!!

Machine 1