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Alton Towers Hotel and Resort Machine Locations > England

Farley Lane, Alton
STAFFORDSHIRE - Alton, England, ST10 4DB

Phone: 0871 222 3330


Alton Towers Resort, commonly referred to as Alton Towers, is a theme park, water park, and hotel complex in Staffordshire, England. It is operated by Merlin Entertainments. The site opened in 1860 with flower shows and garden tours until a theme park was built on the site in 1980.

The theme park opened on 4 April 1980. The park operates nine roller coasters among other major attractions including Nemesis, Oblivion, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train, Hex - The Legend of the Towers, Thirteen, and The Smiler. In 2016, Air was rethemed as Galactica, as the "world's first roller coaster dedicated to virtual reality".

A themed hotel, the Alton Towers Hotel, opened in 1996. It was followed in 2003 by the Caribbean-themed Splash Landings Hotel with an adjoining water park. A development of woodland lodges was completed in 2015, as the Enchanted Village. The resort also includes conference facilities and a crazy golf course.

On most days, the theme park operates between 10am and 5pm, however operating hours can change based on expected attendance. The park hosts special events throughout the year, such as concert nights, a Scarefest event for Halloween, and an end-of-season fireworks display.

The Hotel machine is a 4 die hand cranked. All have a dotted border. (Penny is already in machine.)


Machine 1 - Alton Towers Hotel Machine on the left, near the gift shop.
1) (H) Alton Towers Hotel, logo
2) (V) Alton Towers Resort, Logo
3) (V) Compass
4) (V) Image of sculpture outside the hotel. Globe and ship

Retired machines:
Retired 1: 1) (H) Alton Towers Hotel (repeated), 2) (H) Splash Landings Hotel, logo, 3) (H) Flying bird/Icarus, 4) (V) Alton Towers Resort, logo (repeated)
Retired 2 - Mutiny Bay - Sealife: 1) (V) Alton Towers Resort Logo, (repeated), 2) (H) Sharkbait Reef - Sealife, 3) (H) Pirate image, arms outstretched, 4) (H) Mutiny Bay Logo

All pennies cost £1 to roll.

Updated - D Miller, UKPennies

July 23rd 2018 - No theme Park machine now it's retired, Hotel machine still there. I.T. Hope.

Hotel Lobby

Retired - Sealife - Mutiny Bay

Retired - Splash Landings