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Woburn Safari Park Machine Locations > England

Woburn Park
BEDFORDSHIRE - Woburn, England, MK17 9QN

Phone: 01525 290407


Visitors to the park can drive through the large animal exhibits, which contain species such as White Rhino, Elephants, Tigers and Black Bears. It is part of the estates of the Duke of Bedford that also includes Woburn Abbey and its 3,000-acre deer park. The Safari Park itself covers 360 acres.

All pennies cost £1 to roll.

Machine 1: All pennies have 'Woburn Safari Park' in text. Machine details Are:
1) (H) Tiger
2) (H) Zebra
3) (H) Lion
4) (V) Giraffe head.

Machine 2: is located near the Meerkat enclosure with four designs. Not engraved on reverse. They are:
1) Penguin,
2) Meerkat,
3) Elephant
4) Parrot

Machine 3: (2017) is located at the trading post area just down from the gift shop.
1) Wolf,
2) Bear,
3) Rhino,
4) Sealion.

Details updated by Andy T,

11/01/17: ????

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3 (2017)