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Legoland® Discovery Centre Manchester Machine Locations > England

Barton Square, The Trafford Centre,
LANCASHIRE - Manchester, England, M17 8AS

Phone: 0871 222 2662


The new Legoland exhibit is located in Barton Square. This is a satellite shopping area to the Trafford Park Mall (Entrance from the mall near Boots on the upper level or park near British Home Stores).
The venue is operated by Merlin Entertainments. They have chosen Pennymangle to provide 2 - 4 die machines. The machines are located within the exhibit. Machine 1, at the beginning of the factory tour and Machine 2, in the cafe.

All pennies have a solid ring border and have the text 'Lego land Discovery Centre. © The Lego Group'. All pennies cost £1 plus the penny to roll.

Machine 1 details:
1) v. Pirate.
2) v. Farmer.
3) v. Clown.
4) v. Viking.

Machine 2 details:
1) v. Skateboarder.
2) v. Road worker.
3) v. Fireman.
4) v. Robot.

[Collector's Tip]: All penny designs from a Pennymangle machine produce better results if the head of the coin is in contact with the design.

June 2016 - Both machines working well. I.T. Hope.

Factory Tour Entrance