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Magna Science Adventure Centre Machine Locations > England

Sheffield Road, Templeborough
SOUTH YORKSHIRE - Rotherham, England, S60 1DX

Phone: (01709) 723130


Magna Science Adventure Centre is an educational visitor attraction, primarily appealing to children. It is located in a disused steel mill in the Templeborough district of Rotherham, England. In 50 AD it was the site of the Templeborough Roman fort.
The principal exhibits are divided into five pavilions, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Power (The last one is very small). There is also a large outdoor play area and water play area.

Machine 1 at Magna arrived in the first half of 2005. An electric, one-die machine, located next to the lift on the first floor on your way out.
1) "Magna / (Magna logo) / Science Adventure Centre" (h).
This is the same logo as (a) in Machine 1's die, with the following exceptions:- (1) The M of the Magna logo is much thicker on the current design; (2) The word Magna is much larger and thicker on the current design; (3) The line break is in a different place.

Machine 2 arrived October 2005, and is right as you go through the entrance; opposite the ticket desk. It is an electric, 1-die machine.
1) "Templeborough Steelworks" (around outer edge), "1916-1993" (in centre, on either side of the logo). Logo: Phoenix rising from flames. (h). This is another design taken from machine 1, but differs in that the phoenix looks more naturalistic, and is more elaborate. Also the lines of text are positioned differently.

The Retired machine was never brought into normal use due to technical problems and few designs were pressed. It was an old model, with "steering wheel" type crank, and was also unusual in having a special top, shaped like a cowboy's head.
1) "MagnaScience/ (Magna logo) / Adventure Centre" (h). The "Magna" logo is a capital letter 'M' tilted to the left side.
2) "ShapingMetals at Magna/ (Magna logo) / Since Roman times" (h).
3) "Made from a penny/ (Magna logo)/ at Magna/ Science Adventure Centre" (h).
4) "Templeborough/ Steelworks/ (rising Phoenix logo)/ 1916-1993" (h).

UPDATE: Both machines have been fixed and relocated. Both machines rolling perfectly.

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3 - - Retired