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Loch Ness Centre 2000 Exhibition Machine Locations > Scotland

Drumandrochit Hotel, A82,
Drumandrochit, Scotland, IV63 6TU

Phone: 01456 450573


There are now 2 single die electric Scotron machines here.

Machine 2 is located next to the till in the gift shop. The design is similar to machine 2 except the wording on top is ' 'LOCH NESS CENTRE'.
Machine 3 is at the very end of the tour just at the door that leads back into the gift shop. The design is similar to machine 1 except the tour machine only has 'LOCH NESS' at the top

Retired machine 1 design was: Loch Ness monster (Nessie) in the water. Text: 'Official Exhibition, Loch Ness Scotland'.

There is another 4 die machine just around the corner in the Loch Ness Monster Visitor Centre.


Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired 1