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Nottingham Castle Machine Locations > England

Friar Lane
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Nottingham, England, NG1 6EL

Phone: TEL: 0115 915 3700

8/25/18: The castle is currently closed until 2020 so you cannot access the penny machine.

08/09: A 4 die Pennymangle machine is located in the shop at the entrance to the castle.

Machine details: All pennies have a dotted border some with text Nottingham castle
1) (H) Nottingham Crest..
2) (H) Robin loves Marian and heart and arrow image.
3) (V) Nottingham Castle Entrance (the oldest part of the castle).
4) (V) Archer (possibly Robin Hood)...

All designs are one pound plus the penny.

Collector's Tip
With all Pennymangle machines it is better for the Queen's head to be in conatct with the die - the portcullis could leave a slight witness on the image on new coins.

Machine 1