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London Science Museum Machine Locations > England

Exhibition Road
LONDON - South Kensington, England, SW7 2DD

Phone: 01375 484 567


1/29/18: Site wording revised, Scans re-numbered. GSY (Dave Miller)

The London Science Museum is one of three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London. It was founded in 1857 and today is one of the city's major tourist attractions, attracting 2.7 million visitors annually.
Like other publicly funded national museums in the United Kingdom, the Science Museum does not charge visitors for admission. Temporary exhibitions, however, may incur an admission fee. It is part of the Science Museum Group, having merged with the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and National Railway and Locomotion Railway museums in 2012.

The entry to the Science Museum is free. There are now 7 Pennymangle machines here (1/29/18). They are located as listed below:

The back stamp for the machines was replaced January 2018, a few machines were relocated at the same time. NEW Machine locations map at bottom

All designs cost £1 to roll, they have a ring border and are engraved on the reverse.

Location 1 (Machine 9): Is located in the ground floor right side of gift shop
1) LSM Building
2) Siebe Diving Helmet 1905
3) Newton's Reflector 1668
4) Monocular Microscope 1935

Location 2 (Machine 10): Is located in the ground floor left side of gift shop
1) First Man On The Moon 20 July 1969
2) Telstar Satellite 1962
3) Apollo 11 Lander 1969
4) Apollo 10 1969

Location 3 (Machine 11): Is located in the basement picnic area
1) Ford Model T 1908
2) Rover Jet 1 Gas Turbine Car 1948
3) Volkswagen Beetle 1965
4) Vespa 125 Scooter 1948

Location 4 (Machine 12): Ground Floor - Lifts
1) Trevithick Coalbrookdale 1804
2) Daimler Motorcycle 1895
3) Rover Safety Bicycle 1895
4) Stephenson's Rocket 1829

Location 5 (Machine 13): Level 2 - Lifts
1) Babbage Difference Engine 1947 1948
2) WWII Enigma Machine
3) Alan Turing 1912-1954
4) Apple 1 Computer 1976

Location 6 (Machine 14): Outside Media Space Cafe - Level 2
1) Traction Engine 1840
2) LSM Building
3) Foden 6 Ton Lorry 1936
4) Royal Mail Coach 1840

Location 7 (Machine 15): Wonderlab Shop - Level 3
1) Lockheed Electra 1935
2) Supermarine '35' 1927
3) Handley Page Heracles 1931
4) Wright Flyer 1903

There is also a National Token machine (#1) in place in the Ground Floor Shop, Each token costs £2 and the design is:
1) Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the first Spacedog, Laika. .

Retired 1 was in the Wallace & Gromit Inventors exhibition, which is now closed. All the pennies had a solid ring border and Wallace & Gromit in text. All vertical. The designs were: 1) Grommit, arms folded...2) Wallace hugging Gromit, (Gromit looking unimpressed...3) Wallace arm round Gromit, both thumbs up...4) W & G inside a cog and the text, A World of Cracking Ideas.
Retired 2 Designs: (Foucault Pendulum 1988, Thompson's Mirror Galvenometer, Puck Phonograph C1900, Science Museum London Building)
Retired 3 designs: (First Wright Aeroplane 1903, Telsar I Satellite 1962, Apollo 10, Science Museum of London building)
Retired 4 designs: (Apple 1 Computer 1976, Diving Helmet 19th Century, German Enigma Machine, Science Museum of London building)
Retired 5 designs: (Babbage's Difference, Monocular Periscope, Royal Mail Coach 1840, Science Museum of London building)
Retired 6 designs: (5 Needle Telegraph 1837, Short s.23 Empire Flying Boat, 1668 Newton's First Reflector, Science Museum of London building)
Retired 7 designs: )Apollo 10, First Wright Aeroplane 1903, Short s.23 Empire Flying Boat, Science Museum London building.)
Retired 8 designs: (Supermarine Napier S5 1927, Raleigh Chopper Mk2 Bicycle 1978, First Ach Microscope 1826, Science Museum London Building)

There are 3 NEW machines located in the Natural History Museum next door.

Machine locations updated January 2018 – David Miller

Location 1 (Machine 9)

Location 2 (Machine10)

Location 3 (Machine 11)

Location 4 (Machine 12)

Location 5 (Machine 13)

Location 6 (Machine 14)

Location 7 (Machine 15)

Retired 1

Retired 2

Retired 3

Retired 4

Retired 5

Retired 6

Retired 7

Retired 8

Retired 2017 & 2018 Backstamp

Machine Locations