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National Marine Aquarium Machine Locations > England

Rope Walk
DEVON - Plymouth, England, PL4 0LF

Phone: 01752 600301

The National Marine Aquarium is a marine aquarium built on reclaimed land in the city of Plymouth, in Sutton Harbour, next to the Barbican and fishmarket. It was opened in May 1998, with charitable aims of research, education and conservation. It is the largest aquarium in the United Kingdom.

Machine 1: is located in the ticket purchase area of the aquarium. Other than the MLP the three other pennies have 'National Marine' over the design and 'Aquarium' under it.
1) Nemo
2) Shark
3) 2 Seahorses facing each other
4) My Lucky Penny

Machine 2: is just inside the door of the giftshop. All pennies have 'National Marine' at the top of the design and 'Aquarium' at the bottom Designs are:
1) Crab,
2) Octopus,
3) Stingray,
4) Sea Turtle.

21OCT2017 - Both machines working well. Both now located just inside the gift shop doors MLP

Machine 1

Machine 2