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Dingle's Bakery Machine Locations > Ireland

Green Street Opp Church
Dingle, Ireland

The bakery machine is to be found in the yard behind Dick Mack's pub. (Don't be fooled, the sign above the pub says 'Haberdashery' This pub is one of, if not "the" oldest in the village)
The owner of this machine (and the other in the village) is the baker. He imported the machines from the USA 11 years ago. The cabinets have been rebuilt a couple of times. They resemble the cabinets of the PennyPress. The innards look very rusty because they are out in all weathers, but they run sweet. You do have to be careful the dots up.

Penny details, They cost €1 and a 5c piece.
1) Fungi (the Dolphin)
2) Racehorse
3) Dick mack pint glass.

Machine details uploaded, David Miller,

Aug 26, 2018: machine is still outside tourism office under ice plant sign. Out in the elements and quite rusty, but still works. Slightly rough surface and you have to line it up JUST right as it is temperamental about placement

Machine 1 By the Bakery