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Knowsley Safari Park Machine Locations > England

MERSEYSIDE - Prescot, England, L34 4AN.


Knowsley Safari Park is a zoological park and tourist attraction in the Knowsley area of Merseyside, England. Knowsley Safari Park is a member of British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums and European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

There are 2 Penny Press machines on site. These are both of a wooden cabinet design. All have the words 'Knowsley Safari Park' on the designs.

Machine 1 situated in the alleyway between the cafeteria and the gift shop. Each design is £1 to roll, the designs are:
1) Safari Park Logo
2) Elephant
3) Lion
4) Tiger

Machine 2 is situated outside the Sea Lion house. Each design is £1 to roll, the designs are:
1) Safari Park Logo
2) Sea Lion
3) Frog
4) Spider

Nov 2015 - Machines both in good working order, very helpful friendly staff. I.T. Hope

Machine 1 - Toilets/Gift Shop

Machine 2 - Sea Lion House