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Flamingo Land Resort Machine Locations > England

Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, Malton
NORTH YORKSHIRE - Malton, England, Y017 6UX

Phone: 0871 9118000


Flamingo Land is a theme park and resort located in North Yorkshire, England. It attracts about 1.8 million visitors per year. Flamingo Land is also the 12th most visited theme park in Europe. Some of the major attractions at Flamingo Land include:
1) Mumbo Jumbo - Opened in Summer 2009, this rollercoaster featured the steepest drop in the world at the time (Guinness Book of World Records).
2) Flip Flop - Flip Flop is suspended over a man made lake and features two large ship funnels on either side of the station.
3) Kumali - Installed 2006, this is a Suspended Looping Coaster.
4) Navigator - Installed 2005 it was the first 'Mega' "Disk 'O'" type of ride ever to be built.
5) Velocity - Installed 2005 it is the UK's only motorbike launch coaster and is the tallest and fastest of its kind in the world.
6) Cliffhanger - Opened in 2002, this is the first and tallest S&S Combo Tower in the United Kingdom.
7) Corkscrew - One of the first rides to arrive at Flamingo Land.
Also on the site is a gym, a leisure centre, a spa, a golf course and other holiday accommodations.

Machine 2 - The Jungle Joes Penny Press is in The Cafe. Jungle Joe's is in the entrance of the park near the Wave Swinger.
1) Flamingo, looking right (Text: Flamingo Land)
2) Tiger (Text: Flamingo Land)
3) Toad (Text: Flamingo Land)
4) Zebra (Text: Flamingo Land)

Machine 3 - The Boma Cafe Penny Press is at The entrance/exit Of the monorail , near the Parrotsphere. Against the side of the cafe wall.
1) Flamingo Land Logo (Lost River Ride Park Logo)*
2) 2 Parrots (Text: Flamingo Land)
3) Lemur (Text: Flamingo Land)
4) Kangaroo (Text: Flamingo Land)

Machine 4 - The Lost River Ride penny press is in the entrance/exit of The Lost River Ride. The penny press machine is next to the drinks machine near the lion & giraffe enclosures.
1) Flamingo Land Logo (Lost River Ride Park Logo)*
2) Giraffe Head, looking left (Text: Flamingo Land)
3) Lion (Text: Flamingo Land)
4) Rhino (Text: Flamingo Land)

Machine 5 - NEW 2010: The Flip Flop penny press machine is in the exit of the Flip Flop, it is at the side of the slush puppy machine opposite the Splash Battle.
1) Flamingo Land logo (Lost River Ride Park Logo)*
2) Flip Flop logo (Text: Flip Flop)
3) Splash Battle Logo (Text: Splash Battle)
4) My Lucky Penny, A Horse Shoe & 4 Leave Clover with the text inside It (Text: My Lucky Penny)

Machine 6 - NEW 2010: The Kumali Kiosk Penny Press machine is in the entrance/exit of The Kumali, at the side of Kumali Shop opposite MUMBO JUMBO.
1) New Flamingo Land Logo (Text: Flamingo Land)
2) Kumali Logo (Text: Kumali)
3) Mumbo Jumbo Logo (Text: Mumbo Jumbo)
4) I Love You (2 Hearts With an arrow through Them)

The Retired 1 Machine had 4 designs: 1) Flamingo Land Logo with 2 paw prints (Text: Wild Animals Wilder Rides), 2) Flamingo, 3) Giraffe head, looking left (Text: Flamingo Land), 4) My Lucky Penny. (horse shoe & 4 Leaf clover)

You can download a map of the park at

Updates by David Miller

Machine 2 - Jungle Joes

Machine 3 - Boama Cafe

Machine 4 - Lost River Ride

Machine 5 - Flip Flop (2010)

Machine 6 - Kumali (2010)

Retired 1