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West Country Shopping Outlet Machine Locations > England

Lands End
CORNWALL - Lands End , England

6/03/15: The machines are gone.

These machines do not require the penny, as there are supplied from a hopper. As these machines are new the hoppers have brand new pennies in, making a real nice roll.

Retired 3
1) ... Lands End logo
2) ... Lighthouse (Land's End Longships Lighthouse)
3) ... Rescue helicopter (Land's End)
4) ... Cliffs (Land's End)

Retired 4
1) ... Lands End to John O'Groats logo
2) ... Mileage signpost (Land's End)
3) ... First and last house (Land's End)
4) ... Green Farm logo (Land's End)

Retired 1 - Lands End Designs
1) Lands End...2) Lands End Signpost...3) Longships Lighthouse...4) Cyclist

Retired 2 - Dr Who designs
1) Tardis...2 ) Cyborg... 3) K9 ... 4) Dr Who Logo

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

1/15/13: Machines are located in the same building but different areas and different shops. One is right inside the door on the entrance to the right, near a cafe. The other machine is located at the back door of the building, which is an entrance into another gift shop.

Retired 3

Retired 4

Retired 1

Retired 2