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Island Home Ferry Machine Locations > Massachusetts

on the Ferry
Woods Hole, MA


We crossed to Martha's Vineyard on the M/V Island Home. The machine was located near the snack bar on the top passenger deck. keep in mind that the ferry also goes back to Woods Hole so you might get the other pennyset.

trying to make this clearer, there are 2 ferries. one leaving Wood Hole and the other Martha Vineyards. Each has 1 pennymachine on board, differend designs but there is overlap. if you want both machines make sure you catch a different ferry on the return trip.

Update 10/14/14:

Machine #1: IHN ship is on the Island Home ferry traveling from Woods Hole to Martha's Vineyard. The machine was located near the snack bar on the top passenger deck.
Machine #2 - We came home on the M/V Martha's Vineyard. The machine was located on the upper passenger deck near some seating. It was near the starboard bow, but the boat travels in both directions, so that might turn into the stern portside.

Machine 1

Machine 2