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Brading Waxworks Machine Locations > England

ISLE OF WIGHT - Sandown, England, PO36 ODQ

Phone: 01983 407286


[Venue info]Brading, The Experience was formerly known as The Isle of Wight WaxWorks..
The designwas changed in 2005 when the attraction rebranded to The Experience'
The single die electric machine is located in the section of the museum called "The Pier", which is a trip down memory lane as far as seaside entertainment is concerned. This is the last section of Brading the Experience and the Press in this section adds to the old world "Pier" feel

The current design is h. BRADING..The Experience of a lifetime. With a Fruit Bat looking on.

The RETIRED penny is h. Engraved Isle of Wight Wax Works Brading with a dotted border.

This machine charges 50p

[New info]: 6/13/10: Sorry to have to report that the Brading Experience has now closed. The whereabouts of the penny machine is unknown. Ukpennies.