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Wembley Stadium Machine Locations > England

Wembley Way, Brent.
LONDON - Wembley, England, HA9 0WS


The original Wembley Stadium, known as the British Empire Exhibition Stadium or Old Wembley, was a football (soccer) stadium in Wembley, a suburb of north-west London. It was built in 1923 and finally demolished in the year 2000. It is famous for hosting FA Cup Finals, five European Cup finals, the 1948 Olympics, the 1966 World Cup Final, Final of Euro 96 and the Live Aid concert of 1985.
It was an old venue by the end of it's life, but many mourn the loss of the iconic twin towers.

The site is now occupied by the new Wembley Stadium that opened in 2007. It's construction was delayed many years, but the result is a modern sporting stadium with an iconic illuminated arch.

Thew new machine from Pennymangle is located within the stadium gift shop. No payment required to enter. A 4 die Pennymangle machine, each penny costs £1 to roll and the design details are:
1) (H) ...detailed image of Wembley, Wembley Stadium in text...
2) (V) ...Old Wembley logo, depicting twin towers into capital W...
3) (V) ...3 Lions, England badge motif ...
4) (H)...New Wembley logo, Wembley in text...

[Collector's tip] With all Pennymangle designs, it is better for the Queen's head to be in contact with the die, or some of the portcullis could be seen in the design.

Details provided by David Miller,

09/14, there will be a second Pennymangle machine installed before summer 2014.

1/13/129: Tottenham Hotspur FC are using the gift shop while they play matches at Wembley Stadium and the machine has gone. However Tottenham are reportedly due to move back to their new stadium in March, so presumably Wembley will take back control of gift shop ?

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