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London Bridge Experience Machine Locations > England

2-4 Tooley Street,
LONDON - London Bridge , England, SE1 2SY

Phone: 08000 434 666


The London Bridge Experience is very similar to the London Dungeons, with live actors explaining the history of London. With emphasis on the HORROR!
It is located on Tooley Street, right outside London Bridge station entrance. You need to locate the exit for the gift shop. No problem in getting in.

There is one Penny Mangle machine located in the gift shop, with the promise of another machine to be located within the exhibit. As usual, the designs are extremely detailed, not done justice by the scans. The machine needs £1 coin and a penny. The four designs are:
1) (h) London Bridge 1967,
2) (h) London Bridge 1660,
3) (v) Viking Soldier,
4) (v) Viking Longship.

Oct 11, 2015 - machine present in gift shop. Asked at ticket entry desk and they advised fine to enter gift shop without doing the experience (cost now £24). I had no problems going in through the No Entry doors a few metres to the left of the normal rear entrance. Shop worker kept a close eye to make sure I didn't sneak into the Experience exit! Very tight security. Penny Mangle machine rolled variable lengths but nice detailed designs. Lucy B

Machine 1