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RAF Museum Cosford Machine Locations > England

Lyssander Ave, Cosford, Shifnal
SHROPSHIRE - Shifnal, England, TF11 8UP

Phone: 01902 376200


Situated in the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, RAF Cosford is not only home to No 1 School of Technical Training as part of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering but also No 1 Radio School, with both coming under the Defence College of Technical Training. The RAF School of Physical Training and the Defence School of Photography are also based here at Cosford. RAF Apprenticeships, as delivered at RAF Cosford, were recently recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. The world renowned RAF Museum is adjacent to the site. Given the Station’s rural location, it has good road connections to the A41 and M6/M5 motorways. It even has its own railway station with regular services to Wolverhampton, with onward connections to Birmingham, London and Shrewsbury.

Machine 1 - 4 designs reflecting the aircraft at Cosford. Machine is located next to the Fun 'n' Flight Interactive area in the Test Flight Hangar.
1) Vulcan
2) Folland Gnat
3) Bristol 188
4) Submarine Spitfire

Machine 2 - 4 designs reflecting the aircraft at Cosford. Located in the Shop inside the 'Cold War' Hanger.
1) De Havilland Mosquito
2) Sopwith Pup
3) English Electric Lightning
4) BAC TSR-2

The older machine 1 and the new machine 2 are both brand new Penny Mangle machines. Each penny is £1 to roll and the machines are free to access. Aug 2016 I.T. Hope

Machine 1

Machine 2