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Monkey World Machine Locations > England

Longthorns, Wareham
DORSET - nr Wool, England, BH20 6HH


Monkey World, the chimpanzee rescue centre, based in Wareham, Dorset, UK, Rescue and Rehabilitation of primates world wide.

There are two machines from Penny Press in their distinctive wooden cabinets. All pennies include the text MONKEY WORLD, Ape Rescue Centre and have a dotted border. When using new pennies, not all of the design gets rolled. This is typical of Penny Press machines.

Machine 1 details, located in the cafe: All pennies cost £1 plus the penny to roll.
1> v. Swinging monkey
2> h. Three apes and monkeys
3> h. Ape
4> h. Ring tailed Lemur.

Retired Machine:
1> v. Ring tailed Lemur sitting on a branch
2> v. Monkey swinging from a branch
3> h. Three monkeys and Ape silhouette
4> h. Swinging Monkey.

[Collector's Tip] The Tank Museum at Bovington is within one mile.

Updated: David Miller 6/28/18: EDIT: The machine in the giftshop is no longer there; they now just have one in the cafe (presumably the same one as listed here)

Machine 1